Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How if this situation happened to you?? Episode 1 : Introduction

This is a long story and based on a true case.....
How will you deal with the person that you dislike and he still assume you as a " friend"??? .....
What you will do if he talks to you? Just ignore ?? or listen like nothing happened before ??

Episode 1 - Introduction

"He never said a bad thing before", said Nadin to 15 years-old his brother, Kais. "But he is hurting you inside",said Kais. "But I dont heart to stay away from him, Kais..... how??? please help me with him", replied Nadin.

Sudenlly, Mariam, a housewive of 3 sons include Nadin & Kais , said to them ,"What do you done outside?? It's already Maghrib. Remember that Satans will play around in this particular time.

"yes mother, we'll come inside afterwards", said 16 years-old Nadin to his beloved mother. "No more afterwards!!! come now or I'll closed the door", said Mariam.
Continue..... because I dont have a time to finish it.... but ishallah , it will be soon...